Bank robbed twice by same oddly dressed man

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Bank robbers have done a brisk business in Charlotte this summer. Blame it on the recession, perhaps. But often we're seeing the same banks hit again and again.

The BB&T branch on Albemarle Road was robbed on August 29th at 11:00AM by a man in very unusual garb.

"His face is kind of down. Once he's approaching the teller, he holds his face up and you can see the mask," said Detective Marty Cuthbertson.

It wasn't just any mask, but the painter's dust mask wasn't the only odd piece of clothing. This heavyset man was also wearing a fisherman's hat and tried passing a note.

He demanded tens, twenties and hundreds placed in his bag. He got away with more than 17-hundred dollars.

Three weeks later, at 2:00 in the afternoon, a teller told police he passed another note and said he wanted to make a deposit. She asked, "make a deposit, with what?" He replied, "you have five minutes." She said, "five minutes to make a deposit? I don't think so."

At that point, a teller working the drive-up window looked up and saw him.

"Once the clerk recognized him, she says, that's the guy who committed the first robbery and she pushed her alarm."

He quickly left the bank without any cash. And it's where he went that gives Detective Cuthbertson a hunch.

"He ran out of the bank, ran out to the wooded area, towards Albemarle road. I think he crossed over and it's my belief he lives in this area."

The man never showed a gun, but police aren't sure if he'll strike again.

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