3-D imaging technology allows you to see a "new you"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Amber Hayes has always thought about having breast enhancement surgery, she just wasn't sure about size.

"I knew what I wanted it to look like I just didn't know how that translated to size," Hayes said.

Then her doctor was able to show her exactly what her body would look like after her surgery, using special 3-D imaging technology.

"The biggest question with the most anxiety prior to surgery is what am I going to look like when I'm done.  If you can take the edge off that you really accomplish something and that's what this system does," said Dr. Stephan Finical, a board certified plastic surgeon with Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

The technology can be used to see the outcome of other types of plastic surgery but the final results are not as accurate.

To see how the technology is used, watch the video on this page.

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