Prep Zone: Knights’ Soccer gets a new coach

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – The men's varsity soccer team of Ardrey Kell High School has a new coach this year, one like never before.

Kim Montgomery is the new leader of the team, known amongst the guys as Coach Monty. It's the first time in her career that she's coached males and said although she's a minority in the realm of men's soccer coaching, she is really enjoying it.

Originally brought on by the Knights to coach the women's team, she helped the young men practice and run workouts over the 2012 summer. The feedback from the players was so well received; they asked her to coach both sessions of soccer.

She said there haven't been any downfalls to teaching men, but rather, benefits. Going on to say she can coach tougher and more directly with the guys versus the women's team, whom she'll coach in the spring.

Her biggest struggle is making sure the guys know when to joke and when to focus. The players on the team consider her "one of the guys" but also respect her ability and skills as a coach.

The tough love she provides is helping the team get stronger with each game.

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