See, Click, Fix: Case closed on leaky water meter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - "I just couldn't take it anymore, clean water is hard to come by," says Geoffrey Huntley.

He's talking about the water that has been steadily leaking from a neighbor's water meter on Harrington Woods Road in Charlotte. The stream would pass three homes including Geoffrey's before finding its way to the nearest drain.

"It was almost a thousand gallons of water going out everyday," describes Huntley.

He brought the problem to the attention of See, Click, Fix online writing, "A water meter has been leaking since before August 31. It has not been corrected."

So See, click, fix stepped in and WBTV's Christine Nelson personally contacted Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities and found out it's on the list to repair.

But what we really wanted was an answer as to when!

CMUD wouldn't give an exact repair date. It would only say it takes up to eight weeks to fix. But it ended up being fixed two days after our inquiry.

Now, no more water is seeping from the ground. A layer of straw surrounds the meter where crew dug up the ground to make the repair.

Huntley was ecstatic to see the problem was finally solved.

"It's fantastic! Dry," says Huntley laughing. "We're not wasting water's fixed!"

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