How can you lead a healthy life if you can't drink milk?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ballantyne elementary students are celebrating international milk day in style.

They're drinking milk, making milk cartons in different languages and sporting some very stylish milk mustaches.

The mustaches were so yummy I couldn't resist try on one of my own.

The activities are to promote the benefits of drinking milk.

"It gets them excited and it makes them realize that their nutrition is very important," said cafeteria manager Diane Davis.

Milk contains nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein.

But while some consider milk a nutritional powerhouse others see it as an unnecessary food for good health others simply can't tolerate it.

"Most people can drink milk without a problem but some people lack the amount lactose enzymes that are required to digest the milk itself, "said Dr Scott Spies with Matthews Children's Clinic.

He says people that are lactose intolerant can still have dairy products.

"Most people can still drink cow's milk but it has to have the lactase enzyme added to it," added Dr. Spies.

It's the people that are cow's milk protein allergic that have to look for alternatives

"You might have to look at supplementing calcium and vitamin D," said Dr. Spies.

Like chewable, pills or liquid.

But if you can't stomach the taste of milk…there's good news.

Dr. Spies said "if some children and adults don't like milk it's very possible to lead a very healthy lifestyle without milk."