Panthers practice report: All is good between Cam and Smitty

Charlotte, NC - (WBTV)

Carolina Panthers Wednesday practice report:


Did not practice: Linebacker Jon Beason (inflamed knee), Defensive End Greg Hardy (hand), Defensive End Antwan Applewhite (knee).

Limited participation: Linebacker Thomas Davis, Running back Jonathan Stewart, Offensive tackle Byron Bell

Cam Newton and Steve Smith on good terms, always have been

After Thursday's loss to the NY Giants, Steve Smith lashed out at Newton for his negative sideline demeanor.

Quarterback Cam Newton: "I look up to Smitty, as if he is my big brother. He has a big impact on how I play, just having a mindset because he has done it and lived it. I have much respect for Smitty. He talked to me after the game, but he talked to me the day after too and will probably talk to me after today too. When Smitty talks to me it's a big deal."

Atlanta has a lot of weapons

Head Coach Ron Rivera: "We face the same situation this week, quality Quarterback, quality tight end, quality receiving core, good running backs"

Atlanta's defense

Wide Receiver Steve Smith: "defensivly they are doing a great job, they are taking the ball away and they have very few mistakes"

Quarterback Cam Newton: "everybody sees there record and you can become jaded about the fact of who you are really playing. They are a great football team but one thing that sticks out the most as you watch film, they play with a lot of confidence. That defense is flying around and moving around, trying to cause a lot of confusion up front. It all comes down to the offense chipping away at them"

Tight End Greg Olsen: "well first of all, they get a ton of turnovers which is huge, they have a very good offense and when you can give them those extra possesions it's hard to beat them"

The Panthers defense has allowed a score on the opening drive of each game

Linebacker Thomas Davis: "we just have to do a good job of going out, and making sure we do our jobs. If everybody is doing there jobs on the same play all the time. I have no doubt that we can go out and win this game and have a strong defensive performance."

Wide Receiver Brandon Lafell: "the games we started fast, we won. The 2 games we started slow, we put up 10,7 points on offense. That is not what we do"