Are Replacement Refs about to be replaced?

Good afternoon, this is Maureen O'Boyle writing to you from the WBTV newsroom where our reporters are busy on several stories that are still developing.

Even non-football fans are still talking about that 'touch-ception' call in the Packers/Seahawks game Sunday by replacement refs.  Tonight we're learning the NFL and referees union could be close to reaching an agreement.  We'll have the very latest at five.

We're now hearing from investigators on what they believe caused the deadly wreck yesterday that killed a local EMT.  The accident between the ambulance and tractor trailer in Union County hit close to home for first responders all across our area.  We're on your side with details at five.

If you've got a rule in your house that you can look at your child's texts and photos on their phone at any time…they might have found a way around it and are hiding things from you!  Kristen Miranda will tell us how to find it and what to do about it.

Eric Thomas is on deck looking ahead to your weekend forecast where some big changes are in store.

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