Everyone in the carpool

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A line of cars can usually be found any given day inching along Walton Road in Charlotte as parents approach to drop off or pick up children at Barringer Academic Center.

"Sometimes parents are here and hour before kids get out," said Larry Gibson.

Gibson's kids attend Barringer.

He says the last couple of years the magnet school has grown tremendously …

"A lot of them travel the same as me 30 minutes 40 minutes to get here," said Gibson.

With the growth came more traffic at the campus.

"We have parents from all over Charlotte," said Gibson.

His children love the school but the commute and wait in lines is taking a toll on his family.

"To give you an idea I spent $120 last week on gas just alone," added Gibson.

So Gibson was thrilled when a member of the Parent Teacher Association asked to try something new.

"We put out a link on our electronic newsletter and they can follow that and they become members of a yahoo group specifically for Barringer," said Alyson Winters.

For parents like Gibson carpooling is godsend.

"The financial relief will be great as well as being able to juggle my work schedule," said Gibson.

Just in case parents need an extra push, the school provides special lanes for carpools.

Parents say they've discovered the other benefits of carpooling.

They are saving the environment but for the kids, it's about fun.