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Pork shortage in Charlotte? Depends where you eat

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The National Pig Association in Great Britain is warning consumers that pork and bacon could be harder to find next year because of a global shortage, but the impact in Charlotte depends on where you eat.

British farmers blame the impending shortage on a decline in the pig herd, a problem that could also be seen in the U.S. thanks to the drought conditions many parts of the country have suffered.

At Harvest Moon Grille in uptown Charlotte, chef Cassie Parsons says pork and bacon fans need not panic. Parsons, who owns a pig farm in Lincoln County, uses only local food at Harvest Moon.  She says going local helps the environment, the business, and the consumer, who benefits from lower prices and fresher food.

"In our small little world here in Charlotte, we have plenty of pork," said Parsons. "We have sustainable small farms that are doing things in such a way that we protect ourselves to not have to be driven by a commodity."

Parsons says the price of feed for pigs has gone up, but small farms in the area are still getting by.  She said the greater impact will be seen on larger farms which are more likely to suffer from the high price of corn.

As far as how bad the predicted global pork shortage will get, it may take months to find out.  In the meantime, Parsons says the best way to keep Charlotte safe from the shortage is to buy and eat local.

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