Health Connections: Suicide

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So what's the worst case scenario of someone that's depressed?

Worst-case scenario clinically is that someone would have suicidal ideations.

What are the risk factors for suicide?

Risk factors for suicide include previous attempts co morbid medical problems psychosocial issues at the present time that are worrisome to the patient and substances use issues.

If you had a family member or loved one that you're concerned about, what steps should you do?

A couple steps can be done one if they have already a provider that provider should be notified and if you don't then taking into the emergency room if they were acutely suicidal would be important and then potentially inpatient hospitalization.

Well how can suicide be prevented?

Suicide can be prevented really by all of us taking an action and listening to the patient to make sure that we're hearing the warning signs and doing something about them.