Plant Your Flower Garden Now and Save

Charlotte (WBTV) This time of year we rush out to get our mums for the porch, but don't overlook the rack in the back of plants on sale.  I visited Dearness Gardens in Huntersville and found a gardener's paradise.  Ken Forster and his staff have created an oasis where there is a lesson in every step.  I was so surprised to learn that a many plants go on sale this time of year, and now is, in some cases, your best time to plant.

"The ground is still warm but the air is cooler and a lot less humid and the roots tend to develop a little bit better in the fall.  In the winter they actually break out of their root ball and are much better prepared to handle the heat next summer," Ken told me.  He said a lot of avid gardeners are well aware of this and take full advantage of end-of-season sales.

You will find all kinds of plants on sale as the temps drop. We discovered three gallon bush roses that once sold for $29.99, selling for only five dollars a plant.  Dearness Gardens has trees that went for eighty dollars for $20!  The list goes on and the savings can add up.

But a word of caution, make sure to keep you tabs from the plants.  It's always a surprise when they come back up in spring, and you want to remember the care they need.

Happy fall planting!

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