Young voters bringing change

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Students at West Mecklenburg High School are enthusiastic about registering to vote.

A unique state law allows them to pre-register at age 16.

Of course they can't actually cast a ballot until they turn 18 but registration volunteers are still handing out applications.

"The theory that we have is if that we can get 16 year-olds interested in voting, thinking about voting and pre-registering to vote they're more likely to vote when they're 18," says Lacey Williams a volunteer with the registration drive.

The theory seems to be working.

Since the law took effect in 2009 about 60 thousand teens who pre-registered have now come of age and will be eligible to vote in November.

That's a large enough group to that's enough to decide the outcome of many close races.

"We have to stress the importance of one vote and why every person that is registered makes a difference," says registration volunteer Estefania Ventura.

With their youth vote being so crucial educating them is also on the volunteer's agenda.

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