Love it or hate it, Christmas is already here

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  Are you dreaming of a white Christmas yet?

In many area stores it's no dream.  Christmas in September is a reality.

The decorations are out and the trees are up.  The only thing missing are the carols.

It may seem like it starts earlier every year, and people surely have strong opinions on the subject.

Mary Jean Christopher is excited to see the Christmas decor creep into stores.

"Oh, I love Christmas all year round.  I sure do," Christopher said.

Her business is Christmas.  She hand paints ornaments she is selling this weekend at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte.

"I hope people buy now so they can put them on their trees this year," Christopher said.

While Target is trying to keep Christmas at bay for now, focusing on Halloween, other retailers are in the full holiday swing.

WBTV visited Kohls and Garden Ridge and found plenty of beautiful decorations on display.

A manager at Garden Ridge tells us the items are out no earlier this year than in years past.

While some are like Mary Jean and excited to see it, many more do not share the same sentiment.

"I'm from the old school.  I really don't think they should start putting them out until Thanksgiving.  Make each season mean that season.  Thanksgiving is just about looked over now.  Halloween is almost non-existent because Christmas starts coming out this time of year," said Ed Powers.

Retailers count on the holiday season to make anywhere from 25 to 40% of their profits for the year.

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