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Panthers head coach offers no excuses for loss to Giants


Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera offered no excuses for his team's 36-7 loss to the New York Giants Thursday night.

 The Giants drove the score up early in the game with the Panthers down 20-0 at halftime.

The Panthers only touchdown came in the third quarter when Quarterback Cam Newton ran one up the middle into the end zone.

"The disappointment is there because you expected improvement," Rivera said at a Friday press conference.

But the drama came late in the fourth quarter when Cam Newton was taken out of the game and replaced by Derek Anderson.

Newton walked over to the bench and seemed to distance himself from the game.

Team captain and veteran wide receiver Steve Smith would have none of that.

Smith said he lit into Newton on the sidelines for sulking.

"He is team captain," Rivera said of Smith. "He went up and expressed his feelings, that is between them.

"As a team captain, they feel they have a responsibilities to the team and their going to handle how they feel accordingly," Rivera said.

As for Rivera's thoughts on Newton, he didn't offer specifics.

"I will deal with Cam in my own way."

Rivera went on to say it isn't just about one or two people but everyone must continue to work together as an organization.

"This is not easy, this is a tough situation we are all in. We're all trying to learn to win…and develop this type of atmosphere."

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