Long lines expected as Apple unveils the new iPhone

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Expectations run high as Apple begins selling the new IPhone early Friday morning.

Thousands of people all across the country have been camping out in front Apple stores waiting for the new IPhone to hit the shelves.

But that wasn't the case in Charlotte.

Northlake Mall as well as SouthPark Mall opened their doors early at 6am, but wouldn't let people to camp out on their property.

Early bird shoppers will be allowed to come inside the mall, but the Apple store won't start selling the new technology until 8am

The anticipation hit it's peak as millions of people all over the world flocked to area stores to grab the IPhone 5 which boasts a larger screen, faster processor and a high-end camera.

In Singapore, lines stretched for blocks as people waited for the gate to open at the Apple store.

A little closer to home in California, some slept on the pavement since last Tuesday to gobble up the latest tech trend.

The mass demand have some worried that Apple won't be able to keep up with demand after millions on phones were ordered even before they went on sale.

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