Homeless men help upright overturned semi truck after crash

TROUTMAN, NC (WBTV) - State Troopers say almost a dozen homeless men volunteered to help unload the contents of an overturned truck by hand after it blocked the interstate early Thursday morning.

This accident, like so many things in life has come with good news...and bad news.

The good news is traffic along I-77 north of Mooresville is moving smoothly, the bad news is that it won't stay that way all morning.

Troutman Fire Department officials said a semi truck was traveling northbound, when the driver pulled off to wait for his partner who was behind him.

The right side of the truck came off the road, and between the wet shoulder and the ditch on the side of the freeway, the truck turned over.

The driver was okay, and was able to escape his cab.

Crews had to shut down the Troutman exit, listed as number 42, until they could right the rig.

Easier said than done.

The truck was hauling 41,000 pounds of plastic containers used to store food, tightly packed in the trailer.

Troopers said around ten men, currently residing at the homeless shelter in Troutman, volunteered to come out to the scene and unload the rig by hand.

Officials said it not only helps remove the truck from the roadway faster, but the company that owns the truck will pay the men for their time.  It's become a common practice in situations like this.

Once the semi is empty, I-77 will need to be shut down completely until wrecker crews can remove the semi.

Troopers said the driver will be cited for unsafe movement.

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