Farewell service for pets

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Pets are part of our family.

"That pet has been there for them 24/7,"said Pet Pilgrimage Director Leslie Reid.

"It's unconditional love every day."

The heartache of losing one can be overwhelming.

"This is saying goodbye to a long time friend," said Reid

And sometimes burying or cremating them doesn't seem like enough.

"To leave them behind at a vet's office it was just not an option for us,"said Reid.

Pet pilgrimage in Mooresville offers a kinder way to say goodbye to your faithful companion.

"We are a full service crematory and funeral home," said Reid.

"Anything that is offered to the human side of our business is offered to the pet side."

Reid a pet lover herself knows first hand what it means to deal with the loss of a pet.

"We wanted to be able to offer people a chance to get some closure and extra help with the grief process."

All services are also geared towards children.

"We can have a balloon release, we can have some art projects that help give them closure, and they can make greeting cards for their pets," added Reid.

It's a comforting way to say farewell to a pet that has brought so much joy throughout the years.

Pet Pilgrimage also offers transportation of the pet to the funeral home

They charge $195 for cremations and between $150-$400 for pet services.

The Human Society predicts pet owners will spend over $52 billion on their pets in 2012.

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