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Decapitated goat found in one of Henrico's Wyndham neighborhoods


Police were called out to pick up a decapitated goat found in a dumpster at the Addison at Wyndham apartments off Nuckols Road, Wednesday.

An oversized dumpster located far away from most of the residents in the Wyndham apartment community held the remains of something so unusual - one neighbor who asked us to conceal her identity called NBC12 asking us to look into it.

"It was laying on its side and it looked like the feet were bound, by either duct tape or some sort of restraint and the head was laying right next to the body completely decapitated from the body itself, but the body was not bloody or dismembered in any other way," she said.

Henrico police said, from the looks of it, the goat was already dead before its head was separated from its body. They said there wasn't a lot of blood in and around the dumpster.

A decapitated goat thrown out in a dumpster is not illegal. Police say there were no signs of animal cruelty and say there appears to be no religious connections.

But even with no criminal intent, some neighbors have questions.

"Where did the goat come from because we don't live in the country or a farm," said resident, Teresa Timberlake, "I would definitely want to know what's going on in our community where we live at."

We spoke with the property manager but was told she had no comment on the matter.

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