Woman rides pink bike 26 miles to apply for job

CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Kimberly White has never been one to see hills as hurdles.

"I could tell it was harder for my manager to tell me than I think it was for me to take," Kimberly said of the day in February 2011 when her boss told her she was being let go from her administrative job, because of company downsizing.

"I told him, that's fine I understand."

Her new job became finding a new job. She handed her resume to anyone who'd have it. Two weeks ago her unemployment ran out. Even nibbles now, are priceless.

"I had gotten a flyer in the mail and it had a job listing and I knew in advance that I was not going to have a vehicle," Kimberly said.

Kimberly needed to drive from Cherryville to Lincolnton to apply for a job with a payment center. But she had no money to buy gas to get there.

"That's a great opportunity and I wasn't going to let that slip by."

This is the part where the rubber meets the road. When 4 wheels wouldn't work, she improvised with 2.

A two county trip that takes about 25 minutes in a car, took Kimberly 3 hours.

She had no GPS or computer map to tell her it was 13 miles.

So she just kept pedaling.

Determination took Kimberly all the way to Lincolnton on a bike. She admits it was grueling, she was sweaty, but she can't find any reason it wasn't worth it.

"I got to exercise and apply for the job at the same time," Kimberly says with a laugh. It's her refusal to see anything but a silver lining that's kept her smiling through her struggle. So far no phone calls for the job she rode so far to apply for. But she's intent on seeking only the positive.

"It's good to know this is the path that God intended for me, or at least I'm making do with," Kimberly said with another laugh.

Anyone interested in contacting Kimberly White can e-mail her at kimlovesmumzies@yahoo.com