Was BofA's website problem linked to Islamic group's threats?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Demonstrators throughout the Middle East are clearly still furious about that amateur anti-Islam film made in America.

In Pakistan yesterday, they clashed with police outside the American consulate, and tore down a billboard picturing our flag.

In India, they stomped on the real thing, and set police cars on fire.

And on a website called Pastebin the threat of danger hit very close to home.  A group saying it is affiliated with a militant Islamic organization promised to launch a cyber attack on Bank of America Tuesday afternoon, and that is when BofA's website did show signs of trouble.

Frustrated customers complained of slow load times and denied access.

So was it really revenge over the controversial film?

BofA won't address that question.  A spokesman did tell us that BofA's "online banking services have been, and are, up and running." He says, "I can assure you that our customer and client information, our online banking platform and the related systems remain safe and secure."

But, today, customers like Kevin Brice didn't feel so secure.

"I mean, that's scary that my money could be transferred or taken out by a terrorist group," Brice says. "You know that's terrible."

There is no evidence that terrorists have that kind of power. But Al Qaeda is calling on Islamic groups to continue their violent and alarming protests, and that, coupled with yesterday's trouble, has Brice thinking he'd feel better if he withdrew his money from his bank.

"I would," he says. "I would feel more safe having my money in my pocket."