Arsenic found in food you might serve for dinner tonight

Good Wednesday, Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom with some of the stories we'll have on your news at 5:00.

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams spent three and a half hours in surgery today to remove a tumor; we're getting reaction from fans who are keeping close tabs on his condition.  Why we've learned he might have to undergo even more surgery!

Weeks after thousands of fans packed Chic Filet stores across the Carolinas to support the company's stance on gay marriage, we've learned the fast food chain might be having a change of heart.  We'll have details tonight.

A study by Consumer Reports found arsenic in common rice products, things you might plan to serve your family tonight!  We'll tell you what the FDA says about the report, and what it means for your family.

Eric Thomas is looking ahead to the Panthers home game Thursday.  Just what kind of weather will the team have for their first night game at Bank of America stadium?  Eric's got you covered!!

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