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Parents want more nurses in the schools

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Do you know how many nurses are stationed at your child's school?

Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district parent Teri Saurer does and she thinks it is not enough.

Her children attend Ballantyne Elementary.  A nurse only comes to that school twice a week.  That concerns the mother.

"My daughter has life threatening food allergies," Saurer said. "And she was also diagnosed with epilepsy when she was nine months old, so it does concern me that a nurse is not there everyday."

Saurer is doing something about it. She is organizing a meeting with other parents to inform them about the shortage of nurses. She is targeting county and state leaders.

"We feel like we want our county commissioners to hear us," the mother said. "Say this is a priority for us - about working together. Parents need to have more of a say and tell the county how we want our tax money used."

The Center For Disease Control believes schools should have a nurse for every 750 students, but Saurer says CMS has a nurse for every 1200 plus students.

We asked county commissioner Bill James will he support giving more money to hire about 70 more nurses. That could amount to about $4.5 million.

"I think the only way to hire more nurses," James said. "Is if we raise taxes or cut something else out of the budget."

And James said he doesn't want to raise taxes so something else has to be cut.

"Anytime you propose a reduction," the commissioner said. "There's some other group that is equally well embedded that's going to gripe about it."

Saurer wants county leaders to figure out where the money should come from.

"I am not a politician," Saurer said. "I can't speak where the money should come from, I just know again our children's health is a priority."

Next year when budgets are discussed you could expect nurses to take the spotlight.

"I just don't feel you can put a price on a child's life," Saurer said. "And unfortunately a lot of states are reactive and they'll only do something once a child dies, and I would like to see this county be proactive before a tragedy occurs."

The meeting will take place Thursday, September 20th at 7PM

Providence Pointe Neighborhood Clubhouse

15440 Prescott Hill Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28277

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