NC gubernatorial candidates stump in Queen City

While visiting the Queen City, North Carolina gubernatorial both candidates focused on technology and jobs.

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was the noon time speaker before the North Carolina Technology Association.

He feels our state needs to find its way in a global economy. "We're not only competing against South Carolina Tennessee and Virginia. We're competing against Singapore, Frankfurt and China,"he said.

Lt. Governor Walter Dalton spoke to the technology group earlier, and spent the afternoon with mayor Anthony Foxx touring the Charlotte based Enventys  company which is a local product development firm.

He praised the company's growth."This great space, but how long will you be able to stay here?", he asked. It looks like you're growing exponentially."

On the stump and in photo ops, the candidates are polite, likeable, and engaging, but one on one the gloves tend to come off. "We have a broken economy. We we have the fifth highest unemployment rate in the nation," McCrory charged.

Dalton countered by saying, "He may be right, but don't point to me. I invested in things like bioinfromatics at places like UNC Charlotte that leads to things that we looked at today."

While McCrory echoes that Raleigh is broken, the Lt. Gov says the former Charlotte should look no further the his own party. "If you look at it, some of the cuts we saw this last session by his friends cut too deeply."

McCrory's response is the state doesn't go far enough in developing jobs once students finish school. "Our Governor and Lt. Governor during the past four years have acted as though everything is just fine in North Carolina, when there are far too many people who are graduating from our schools and moving back in with their parents."

The candidates have scheduled a series of three debates in October.