Your coupon savings can go right to the bank

If you love the satisfaction of saving money with coupons, the web site is adding a new layer to that experience.  The site lets you link virtual coupons to your different grocery and drug store loyalty cards.  And when you purchase those products, you bank the savings in an online account you chose.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Setting up your account is simple and free. Enter the account numbers on your grocery and drug store loyalty cards. Then all you have to do is activate which coupons you want.

When you buy the product, the coupon amount will be credited to your Saving Star account. When you reach the five dollar mark, you can request a payout. The site can deposit to your bank account or to PayPal. You can also choose amazon gift cards or opt to make a charitable donation.

Jennifer Warnick of our sister station WWBT in Richmond used the site for two months and earned $7.50 buying items she would have anyway.

But here's where it gets fun if you're a coupon clipper.  Most of these Saving Star coupons are for products that have equivalent paper coupons. So essentially, you can double dip when maximizing your savings.

Some of the Saving Star coupons are store specific, like these from Food Lion, but it gives you an opportunity to save on store brand items that don't normally have associated coupons.

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