Construction underway on new Charlotte Knights Ball Park

The beginning of construction marks the end of political bickering and perhaps a string of law suits designed to block the uptown stadium.

Charlotte Knight's owner Don Beaver has held the vision of baseball in Center City for more than a decade.

"When you've a situation where it's a win win situation for the community and for the business, and it makes sense to make it happen," Beaver said.

Making it happen meant surviving a series of negotiations.

It is a public private venture that has tax payers footing part of the bill for the next 20 years.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx supported the concept from time he was a city council member.

"A lot of times, it takes a lot of effort and a lot of hard work to make something good happen, and that's what this is," Foxx said.

Former Mecklenburg County Commissioner Chairman Parks Helms was at home plate for the ground breaking.

"Baseball will literally reshape this part of the city and in a way we can all be proud of."

For uptown supporters, a new stadium is the type of amenity that looks good in Charlotte Chamber brochures.

Bob Morgan who heads the Charlotte Chamber agrees.

"The baseball stadium is the last piece of what we call the decade of progress 11 years ago "he said. "A package of investments in our community through public private partnerships."

Michael Smith of Center City Partners sees the stadium as a business tool.

"This will replace some rounds of golf. I think there will a lot of father son mother son father daughter kind of moments in this ball park."

Backers of the stadium were beaming at the prospect that a new stadium will bring something else.

"We're talking now to some hotel developers who are right behind our left field site."

B B and T ball park is scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.