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Family of murdered man needs help to renovate his home


The family of a Charlotte man, murdered over $20, needs community help, as they try to renovate the home where their son was killed.

Matthew Hawkins, 39, died after being shot in the head on 700 block of East 17th Street off of North McDowell Street, on July 10th.

Hawkins had bought the home to remodel it and was inside doing construction with his girlfriend when an unkown shooter came inside and demanded money, police say.

Bud Hawkins, Matthew's father, wants to renovate the home, sell it, and give all the profits, to Matthew's son, Liam. He says the money will go toward a college fund for his grandson.

"That's what my son wanted, what was best for Liam. That is what Matthew's whole life was, working to give Liam a good life as he grows up," Bud Hawkins said.

Matthew Hawkins worked on the home for just under 3 months when he was killed. Bud Hawkins hopes to renovate it within the next few weeks, before the weather gets too cold.

"The outside's not too bad of shape, but the inside has a lot of improvements needed to be worked on and finished so we've got a lot of hours ahead of us," he said.

If you would like to donate to help renovate the home, you can contact Bud Hawkins directly at

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