Fired DSS director speaks exclusively to WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Former DSS Director Mary Wilson tells WBTV in an exclusive on camera interview, that she wants her job back.

Wilson, who has held the post since 2008, was fired on September 4, under mysterious circumstances. Sources tell WBTV, County Manager Harry Jones fired her, but he would not elaborate on the reason(s).

Wilson has until Tuesday, September 18, to appeal her decision. County officials say she has not submitted an official appeal, but did submit a letter to county commissioners, asking them to get involved.

"I just want a fair opportunity. That's all I want," she said.

Since taking over DSS in 2008, Wilson has faced several unflattering accusations. Complaints of racial discrimination and spending thousands of dollars on office furniture lead the list.

"I just don't want to get into all the details in the press I just wanted to make a statement to the people I worked for," she said.

Wilson told WBTV she has until Tuesday to file a formal appeal. While it's not clear if she completed that formal appeal, in her letter to county commissioners she used the words: "unfair, unjust, and smacks of intimidation."

"I am confident that the appeal is going to reflect all of the work that I have done and I have done no wrong doing," she said.

WBTV caught up with Wilson at her home, where moving trucks blocked the driveway. She says it is for one of her children, and she's staying in Charlotte.

"I respect the press. I respect all that you do, but I just think it's not fair to either side for me to go into all of the details," she said.

County records show Wilson made $151,410 annually. County Commissioner Bill James said he's not sure if it's appropriate for commissioners to get involved in the situation.

WBTV reached out to County Manager Harry Jones for comment. We were told Wilson's firing is a personnel matter and he would not address it.

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