Masked man crams a lot of crime into a short period of time

Good afternoon.  Maureen O'Boyle here with a look at some of the stories our reporters are working on this evening.

Our Sarah Batista is talking with employees who were frightened when they were confronted by a masked robber.  Police are blaming a series of crimes, committed in just hours, on the same guy.

We were contacted by a CMS parent who claims the ideals of Project Lift can't happen if classrooms are too crowded.  Our Dedrick Russell is looking into her concerns that teachers and students can't succeed if disruptive kids take away the focus!

If you want to spruce up your fall wardrobe chances are you're not going to find sales at many stores this time of year.  But our Consumer Reporter Kristen Miranda has some tips on how to get the best deals!  She's found it's all in where you look!

Our weekend forecast could bring the first chance of rain in a while.  Eric Thomas will let us know if it could impact the first home game for the Panthers!

Hope you'll join us for Charlotte's best coverage of local and breaking news starting at 5:00pm.