See, Click, Fix: Resolution to HOV lane confusion - pay attention!

Ahhhh the coveted HOV lane where drivers can bypass traffic if there are 2 or more people in their vehicle.

An Anonymous viewer says drivers are getting confused at I-77 and I-85.

This person writes on our See, Click, Fix page at, "I-77 Southbound HOV Lane over I-85 lacks signage confirming that it is indeed a continuation of I-77 South... it looks like the HOV lane is taking the vehicle onto I-85 North...seems like a simple fix with better signage."

We drove in the HOV lane on I-77 south until we passed the I-85 interchange and continued onto I-77 southbound.

On just the first run, we weren't confused at all. Here's why:

While on I-77 we saw the sign overhead saying I-85 is about a mile or so away.

Not only that, there's another sign for HOV drivers in the left median that says to get on I-85 you have to be in the right lane.

As we get closer to I-85, more confirmation was seen right above the HOV lane indicating by staying in this lane you will be continuing onto I-77 south.

NCDOT agreed the signage was clear saying: "This has been the road design... since long as motorists stay in that lane there should be no confusion."

So the key attention!

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