Police searching for suspects in Ballantyne carjacking

Good afternoon Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom.  We have crews on the way to a search for suspects involved in a carjacking in Ballantyne.  The woman was taken to a credit union and forced to withdraw money.  She was later dumped along with her car in South Carolina.  We'll have the latest as police use K-9 units to try and find the suspects.

Could the hottest craze of Pinterest put your computer and family at risk?  Consumer reporter Kristen Miranda has discovered porn is popping up on the site, and some scammers are using it as a way to put viruses on your computer.  She's got that story at 5:00pm.

And the new iPhone 5 is unveiled but what's the difference from the iPhone 4s?  We've also found a way you can unload your old iPhone and get substantial money for it!

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