Father witnesses son's death in dirt bike accident

It's Wednesday, September 12. This is Christine Nelson with a quick email on the stories we're covering on WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m. Tune us in now!

He died doing what he loved to do. That's what the family of Dillon Schacht is saying about the 16-year-old after a freak accident on the race track that killed the teen instantly. WBTV Cam Man Ron Lee spoke with Dillon's father and learned more about what happened. Hear how the sport of motocross, and now Dillon's death, is bringing this already close-knit family even closer.

It's happening today! The much anticipated announcement unveiling the new Apple iPhone. Some experts are going as far as saying this could be the saving grace for the economy! We'll explain their logic.

Plus... Remember the video we showed you a couple days ago where a balcony at a Charlotte condo collapsed 12 feet to the ground with people standing on it? We're on your side finding out who is ultimately responsible for maintaining it and making sure it's safe.

Also, our Astrid Martinez found out about a great cause that will benefit from runway fashions right here in Charlotte.

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