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NC School districts have to find more money for state tests

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - More tests are coming to North Carolina school districts and they have to pick up the price tag. They are called Measures of Student Learning (MSL).

There are at least 22 additional tests that will be coming on board.

Charlotte Mecklenburg school (CMS) district superintendent Heath Morrison says the district now has to comb back through the budget to find the extra money.

Morrison thinks the additional tests could cost the district about $200,000 extra a year, others think it will be much more than that.

"It's certainly frustrating." CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison said.

Morrison believes the district has enough money to fund the new tests for the next two years, but after that the school district could be in trouble.

"Obviously as a school district," Morrison said. "We will have to advocate what do we do when funds run out, because what I wouldn't want to do is use money we have to hire teachers, reduce classes and other things and instead pay for tests."

State leaders decided for school districts to issue new tests to judge teachers' effectiveness. About 23 CMS teachers helped create the test.

The new tests will be given to 4th graders all the way to seniors in high school.

CMS will have to pay to copy each test for students and pay to have the tests graded.

Teachers hope the MSL aren't the only factor to determine if a teacher is making the grade.

"I would like to see some accountability put on students and parents." Classroom Teachers Association President Judy Kidd said.

CMS says as it gets more information about the new tests, it will inform the community.

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