Search for missing 1 year old ends tragically

We are following tragic news our of Rowan County.  Emergency crews on the scene of a drowning in near the town of Faith.  Deputies were originally called to help search for a missing 1 year old only to discover the child drowned in an ornamental pond in the front yard.  Our David Whisenant was on the scene and will have more on the tragedy at 5:00pm.

We caught skateboarders darting in and out of traffic on city streets. Tonight, residents say they're worried for their safety - and police show us how they're cracking down on these kids - before someone ends up hurt or even worse, killed.

This slight change in weather is bringing out some unwelcome visitors.  We'll tell you why you might see more snakes, including poisonous ones, in your back yard in weeks to come.  Coleen Harry is asking what, if anything, we can do to protect our family and our pets.

On this eleventh anniversary of 9-11, local ceremonies remember those we lost in D.C., Pennsylvania and New York City.  Hear from neighbors about their memories of that day, and where we stand as a nation today.

I hope you'll join me, Jamie Boll, Kelly Franson and the rest of the WBTV news team starting at 5:00!