Cell phone usage spikes during DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - According to numbers released by Verizon this afternoon, Charlotte cell phone use was off the charts during the DNC.

People made 31 % more calls than they typically do and there were 42 million data connections.

WBTV has been watching technology on all levels through this convention week including social media, cell phone service, and equipment in the arena, to make sure it worked correctly.

Many of those who were inside Time Warner Cable Arena said it could be difficult at times connecting to Facebook and Twitter.

Our cyber expert told us that could happen as everyone was trying to post pictures and updates at once.  It causes a bit of a traffic jam.

However Verizon and AT & T both are pretty pleased with the way the improvements they made to their networks were able to keep people connected.

In fact some of that technology will stay here with us.  AT & T installed new cell sites and equipment to make it easier to connect uptown. They say we'll have faster downloads and fewer calls will drop.

Verizon says it also was able to put new antennas at hotels to enhance coverage.

Plus, our cyber expert tells us behind the scenes people were watching what we were saying even if we didn't realize it.

"To really understand who the people are attending the event, did they receive the messages we delivered well or were there some messages they didn't like or didn't resonate.  I think we're going to see a lot of things coming out of these events that may be applied in both good ways and maybe some spooky ways after the event," said Theresa Payton.

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