DNC emergency crews get a huge "thank you" from locals

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - John Wilson and David Beddinger came up with the idea to show support for the thousands of Police, Fire and Medic personnel who worked countless hours during the DNC.

"Working all day long, getting yelled at by people driving by, we saw protestors right in their face. I just can't imagine how they did it and kept their composure it was really great," said Beddinger.

The two, along with Paul Thompson of Coffey and Thompson Gallery made a huge "thank you" card that lists all the names of agencies that helped.

As of Friday morning, it's been at the intersection of Morehead and Tryon for less than 24 hours and it's about to run out of room, again.

"The sign originally started out to be much smaller than you see here now. But there was so much participation that we felt like we had to enlarge it," said Thompson.

Anyone who wants, can come by and sign the card. The folks who made it say they hope to get it signed and find a way to ensure everyone who worked the DNC will get a chance to see it.