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Lynx trains get Convention goers, regular riders to destination


With thousands of extra people traveling in and out of center city for the Democratic National Convention Thursday, many people used the light rail to avoid the traffic and road closures.

But for security guard Harry Jones, it was just another day getting to work.

"Man I tell there is just so much going on right now it's crazy," Jones said. "They've made it easy though getting to work."

Jones was taking the light rail to Carson Station where Charlotte Area Transit System buses were shuttling passengers to the temporary transit center at Third and Mint Streets.

CATS reported heavy volume on the light rail during the DNC. Many park and ride lots filled by the afternoon as so many people poured into uptown.

Trains were never more than 15 minutes behind schedule during peak hours.

Jones was talking to fellow riders about all the happenings and rumors of who was in Charlotte for the convention.

"Did you hear about Tom Brokaw last night?," he asked another rider.

Even the train driver was in high spirits as the train filled the closer it got to uptown Charlotte.

By the time pulled into Stonewall Station, the final stop for the DNC, it was clear why everyone was on the train.

"Since this is a train full of Democrats," the driver said over the intercom, "let's all exit to the left."

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