"Official" DNC vendors say they're being ignored

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - During CarolinaFest on Monday, the vendors inside Legacy Village made some money.

"It was really good, I'll admit that.  There were many people along Tryon Street and they all saw the signs to come into the village," said one vendor who spoke with WBTV.

Many say the village turned into a ghost town starting Tuesday when the crowds moved off Tryon Street and onto the opposite side of the "Village" on College Street.

"We had absolutely no foot traffic," another vendor said.

There was no large official sign on that side of the street and they were inside fences and behind barricades.

These vendors had to apply for these official vendor designations and had to pay thousands of dollars to set up in Legacy Village.

"They forced me to comply with their rules and regulations but they're allowing all these rogue renegade vendors to be there without a license and they're making a mint," said Tiffany Lewis who contacted WBTV to share her story.

Many vendors were so upset they left the Village and moved their tables onto the street next to the Convention Center where other vendors had been selling free of charge all week.

Many couldn't move, however, and several vendors said they just wanted their money back.

"I'd like a refund for one. I'd definitely like a refund and maybe some reimbursement as well," a vendor said.

We took the vendors concerns to the DNC Host Committee.  They released a statement to us:

"We were sorry to learn that after a successful day of sales during CarolinaFest, foot traffic in the legacy village did not meet vendors expectations. We take the complaints of our vendors seriously and have done all we can to increase post-Labor Day foot traffic. When we heard that our vendors were frustrated, the Host Committee made several efforts to publicize their presence, directed visitors to their space, and waived contractual penalties for early departure, giving vendors the option to leave."

Vendors tell us someone from the Host Committee did go to the Legacy Village yesterday to hear the vendors concerns.

Officials say it was made clear to vendors that the amount of business they would have could not be predicted.

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