Protesters take to the streets again for a fourth day

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Protesters took to the streets for another night trying to get to the delegates, but were blocked by police.

Just before 10pm Wednesday night, the tents at the Occupy campsite were empty.  The temporary residents had taken to the streets, yelling and screaming in protest.

"Kill apathy in America!" One of the organizers said.  "Apathy is destroying what was once a beautiful country."

They marched up toward the Center City, trying to get to where the delegates were.  Law enforcement was there, blocking their path.  That outraged many in the crowd, who began screaming at officers.

"Be a man, look me in the eyes!" said one man draped in black as he went nose to nose with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer.

"What are you doing standing there if you're supposed to be protecting the people?"

Police remained cool and calm through it all.  Not uttering a single word toward the men who were trying to elicit an emotional response.

Frustrated, about a dozen demonstrators dropped to the ground, and staged a sit-in.

It only lasted for about five minutes before they were on the move.

Police corralled the protesters down 5th Street, and toward North Tryon Street, but no where near the delegates, who were busy listening to Bill Clinton speak.

They yelled and screamed into the night air.  A few people heard their message, but the streets were mostly quiet.

A few motorists told us they were angry because they couldn't get through as protesters passed by.

"I'm feeling pretty good." said Jenna Pope, one of the people involved in the movement.  "It's been a great march so far.

The march ended where it began at Marshall Park around midnight.  Several people could be seen already planning for the next days actions.

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