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DNC vendors sell souvenirs of all kinds

With the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, lots of vendors are also in town. They are selling souvenirs of all kinds.

In Uptown Charlotte, there is a place that anyone can go...if they want fun souvenirs from the Democrat side of the aisle. A few dozen vendors have set up shop set up just outside the Convention Center, between College and Tryon streets.

It's not just any shop though - it's a tent city and vendors are selling everything from beaded Obama shirts, to sweet treats like DNC marshmallows. There are all kinds of clothing and jewelry for sale. Plus there's a smiling cutout of the President...take a picture with him and show it off to your friends.

New York delegate Maimun Khan explains the appeal of the tent shop, "I've been having a lot of fun seeing how much is hand-crafted and creative. That's just been so much fun."

Khan told WBTV she's bought a lot of campaign buttons, and she's still on the search for more.

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