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Can you hear me now? DNC affecting cell signals, wireless access

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - All over uptown Charlotte there are people with their heads buried in their smart phones and tablets.  The DNC crowd is one that is constantly connected.

They are on email, Twitter, Facebook and they are texting.  Visitors are counting on GPS to get them from place to place.  They're taking all kinds of pictures and uploading them to social media.

Will all of those wireless signals bouncing around uptown we wondered if anyone is having trouble connecting.

"I have been having a little trouble doing updates on my phone but on my laptop I'm okay," said one delegate from Hawaii.

WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says in the next two days everyone is going to be on the internet, free wi-fi, and they're going to be using their cell phone signals. 

"It will be a tough week to connect," Payton said. 

"Watch out when the big things happen.  For example when the President accepts the nomination.  There are only so many internet addresses to go around and there's only so much bandwidth.  When that's happening don't be surprised when your internet access whether at home, at work or on the scene is a little slow or non existent," Payton said.

Her recommendation is that wireless users be patient, and more important than that, they come up with a backup communication plan.  Particularly if they rely on cell phones to meet up with others.

"Set up a time and a meeting point and say if for some reason we can't reach each other on e-mail or texting we all know by 3 pm we all meet at this duck pond or something.  Set up a location so if things go on the fritz you can still meet up with people," she said.

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