Tensions between protesters rising in park

Tensions were high between several protestors in Marshall Park on Monday, a day after a massive march through the streets of Uptown Charlotte.

WBTV caught up with several demonstrators inside the park.

Though there were no arrests on Monday, and the majority of the crowd seemed calm, several people lost their tempers in front of our cameras.

Aaron Black, one of the original Occupy Wall Street members spoke to WBTV from his tent. Black told us the demonstration numbers are much smaller than in Tampa.

"It's just a fact," he said.

That statement upset some of his fellow protestors.

"We asked him repeatedly, to either withdraw his statements. He can speak in "I" or "my" opinion is," said Lauren DiGioia.

Black said he was not trying to cause trouble, just an observation.  He left the park upset, but returned several hours later.

On Tuesday, protestors are expected to gather at Pearle Street Park and march at 10 a.m. There will also be a Speaker's Platform on Tuesday.

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