After slamming Charlotte in article, lobbyist gives city good review

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Heather Podesta threw a brunch meeting Monday morning complete with a full fare of Southern cuisine.

Tabasco biscuits, deviled eggs, and a cocktail made with moonshine were passed around to a crowd of about 50. Podesta said the fare was to allow guests to sample some local Charlotte flavor.

But Podesta would not directly answer questions concerning a controversial statement she made in a recent Reuters article.

Podesta was quoted in the article as saying Charlotte's cultural prospects are "grim", after scouting 30 locations for a party.

Reporter Kristen Hampton asked Podesta to comment on the statement, she first replied, "What Reuters article?"

The lobbyist then went on to give glowing reviews of the city and its people, saying Charlotte is wonderful.