DNC visitors, delegates say they love Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Many delegates for the Democratic National Convention arrived early to take advantage of some free time in Charlotte and they told WBTV they are loving the Queen City.

WBTV's Kristy Etheridge ran into visitors from Missouri and Massachusetts while she was out on Sunday.

Some are part of groups of delegates. Others just came with their families to check out the DNC.

Every person she spoke with raved about Charlotte's friendly residents, tasty food, and walkable streets.

"So far I think the city is lovely, very easy to move around in," said Mary Gail Cokkinias, Massachusetts delegate.

Missouri delegate Kelvin Walls said he was "just excited to see that things look really cleaned up and spruced up for what's going on here."

Many delegates told us they arrived on Saturday to spend time in the city.

A group from Massachusetts even took time to drive to Asheville in order to see more of the state.

Carol Ann Aloisi, Massachusetts delegate, said "People have just been friendly and fabulous. It's a very good walkable city which is nice."