Gas in Charlotte very close to the $4/gallon mark

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LIVE: We have been on the hunt for you this morning. Has gas in Charlotte reached the $4/gallon mark? With Isaac churning along the Gulf Coast the last few days we saw the signs that gas prices would be affected. Cam man Ron Lee did the leg work for you this morning and will tell us in a live report what some of the prices are that he saw at gas stations overnight.

A Burke County woman will have a lot of questions to answer this morning after being arrested and accused of poisoning her two boyfriends. We'll tell you what officials say she put in their food and drinks. One of them has been on a ventilator for weeks.

If you couldn't stay up late last night to catch all of Mitt Romney's acceptance speech - don't worry. We pulled some of the best sound from the much-anticipated night, now that it is official he's the GOP presidential nominee. We have a reporter there in Tampa standing by to give you the highlights of the night.

Plus, are you drowning in debt? WBTV's Astrid Martinez found out that many people are taking the more expensive approach to pay off looming bills! How so? Watch her story if you're serious about getting out of the red.

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