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Republicans gather at watch parties for Mitt Romney's acceptance speech


Thursday night, local Republicans are gathering at watch parties to hear Mitt Romney accept the Republican Party's nomination for President of the United States.

Rob Reid, the Communications Director for the Romney Campaign in North Carolina says, "People are really excited by Governor Romney's speech tonight and this is a way to bring everyone together to have some fun, watch the speech together, show our enthusiasm and support for Governor Romney."

There will be about 25 watch parties across the state. Campaign organizers say the excitement isn't just about the speech. The Republican National Convention wraps up tonight  and organizers say that means the campaign kicks into a different gear.

"Now we're in our phase of the campaign where people are tuning in a lot more. We're talking about serious issues, who is going to bring out positive government agenda and what they're going to go when they enter the White House," said Reid.

At the Romney Victory office in Charlotte, campaign workers headed up a phone bank until 8 p.m., then made their way to Dilworth Neighborhood Grille for the Charlotte watch party.

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