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Local Organization Builds Free Fences for Dogs in Need

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Almost two years ago this hunk of pit-bull lab mix was wandering around the streets of Charlotte.
That was until the Bryant family saw him and fell in love.

"Me and Stephanie picked him up one day and brought him to our house," said James Bryant, Charlie's owner.

In a matter of months Charlie grew too big and energetic for the Bryant's home.

Charlie had to be chained outside to a tree, isolated from his family.

"He was sad when he was on the chain," said James.

That's where the Coalition to Unchain Dogs comes in.

"They came out and spayed the dog and put the fence down," said James.

"When you release the dog into the fence it's like Christmas for that dog," said the spokesperson for Coalition to Unchain Dogs, Neya Warren.

"He is running around jumping."

The nonprofit organization brings together volunteers every weekend to allow pets more freedom.

They have built more than 180 fences in Charlotte since 2009 including Charlie's

All of the materials donated, and the hard work? Free of charge to pet owners!

"We do it over the course of two days," said Warren.

"We set the post the first day and those have to dry and concrete but the actual putting up the fencing you see here takes two hours."

Two hours of work that brings endless amount of smiles for the entire Bryant family.

Because of the high demand for fences in Charlotte there is currently a waiting list.

You can contact the Coalition to Unchain Dogs on the link below.


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