See, Click, Fix: Is crosswalk signal really broken?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We went to a bustling part of South End at South Boulevard at West Carson Boulevard. The spot where you said a crosswalk signal isn't working.

An anonymous yet seemingly upset viewer writes on our See, Click, Fix page at "I walk through this intersection twice a day. I have almost been hit TWICE in two days! NO MORE!! The pedestrian signal is broken."

Could it really be possible this crosswalk doesn't work?

WBTV's Christine Nelson visited the intersection to test it out. She got the walk sign indicating it's okay to cross, saw the countdown clock to see how much time was left, and got to the other side no problem.

Nelson crossed both sides of South Boulevard and didn't see any issues but decided to still call Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) to check it out.

CDOT had an engineer take a look and their response: "Based on their numerous field checks, the concern...was not confirmed. The pedestrian signal is working at every corner."

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