"Official" DNC merchandise store opens

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Looking for a Joe Biden coffee mug that says "Cup of Joe"?  They have that.

Want a southern-themed t-shirt that says "Obama Y'all".  They have that too.

Are you a cat lover, architect, nun, hipster or zumba lover and you want a button to show your support of the President?

You can find one at the "official" Democratic National Convention souvenir shops.

There's one at the Charlotte Chamber offices on S. Tryon Street and another one at the Charlotte Convention Center.  Some area hotels will also have official convention merchandise for sale.

"Everything in our store is made in America and we're very proud of that.  As much as we can we have also sourced and had things made right here in North Carolina," said Suzi Emmerling, the press secretary for the Convention Host Committee.

The S. Tryon store opened today and the stores will remain open through the convention.

"If I live in Charlotte I would go to the stores this week to avoid lines," Emmerling added.

Souvenirs range in price from a couple of dollars, to hundreds of dollars.

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