Hurricane Isaac makes landfall for a second time overnight

Good Wednesday morning. It's August 29. This is Christine Nelson. We're following a lot of local and national news stories, some of them breaking overnight. Here's a look at what you can expect when you turn on us from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

BREAKING: At this hour the folks in Louisiana are getting pounded by Hurricane Isaac after it made landfall last night. In fact, Isaac made landfall in that area for a second time! Meteorologist Al Conklin will explain what happened. He has been in the weather center tracking it while you've been sleeping. Of course, he'll be pinpointing your first alert weather forecast to let you know what is happening in our backyard.

A night of fun in Charlotte got violent when one person ended up getting shot. But it took some time for the crime to even get reported to police. Why? Our Cam Man Ron Lee is live to tell us what happened.

Did you stay up to watch the Republican National Convention? Some of the much-anticipated speakers didn't take the podium until the late hours. We have you covered if you missed it. We have a reporter in Tampa, Fla. We will hear from Ann Romney and why she says America should trust her husband. Plus we'll let you hear what South Carolina Nikki Haley said when she was center stage at the convention giving her speech.

We'll see you on the air!