Charlotte 49ers first Football practice

Charlotte, NC - (WBTV)

Monday, at the new football practice fields in Charlotte, the 49ers got in their first official practice for the football program.

80 players with 70 of them being freshmen went thru a 45 minute practice in which they did a lot of conditioning and then some football drills.

Yet another step to get to September of 2013 when they play their first game against Campbell, but freshmen like former Porter Ridge star Lee McNeil realize the year wait without playing a game will be very big in the development of this program.

McNeil: "We'll get a year under our belts to be in the system, to get into shape and be bigger, stronger, faster."

Head Coach Brad Lambert: "They are not in very good shape and we knew that when we came out here. That is the whole point of being out here for 3 weeks, we want to condition the guys and teach them a little bit of what practice is going to look like on the 21st of September when we come out here with our pads on."